Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Very Best Friend

My power was out for almost a full day after our snow storm hit.

The snow was falling and blowing so fast, I couldn't even get a picture.

don't know why it's so yellow but everything looked really pretty
- until the lights went out 5 minutes later -

My lights went out at night on Wednesday. It only snowed a few inches but it was a very heavy snow and took out tress and power lines and put most of DC MD and VA in the dark. Over 600,000 were without power for the past 2 days. I think some people still do not have power.

The house got very cold overnight. Not dangerously cold but uncomfortably cold. I couldn't even sleep. I went to work Thursday to get warm and to get a little work done. I only worked a 1/2 day because I was worried that the beast would be too cold.

When I came home I spent some time cleaning out a closet of mine. I have so much junk that just needs to either be thrown out or donated away. I actually found some boots that were a size 8. I don't ever remember being a size 8.
WHY do I have size 8 boot?!

Way in the back I found him. He was my very best friend when I was a little girl. I carried him everywhere. I even slept with him. I even had my mom teach me to sew so I could put a shirt on him. It's hideous but I didn't want him to be naked. :-) So, meet Snowfoot. He's scruffy and dirty but he's been that way for years.
I think my mom was afraid to give him a bath. I'm not sure he could survive a ride in a washer or dryer.

He's dirty and scruffy and isn't snow white any longer but there he was just looking back at me from the back of the closet. I thought he was gone. I haven't seen him in years.

I don't know how old I was when I stopped sleeping with him but I never got rid of him. He went to college with me. He moved to DC with me. He then moved to VA with me. Then at some point he disappeared. I'm not even sure why I put him in the closet. I probably did it after I got Tess.

When I first got her she ate a few things while I was at work. I actually have another stuffed animal tucked away in a dresser drawer because he needed to be protected.

I've been doing a happy dance ever since I found him. I know it's silly. I'm a grown woman. Why do I need a stuffed animal? Cause Snowfoot was my favorite animal in all the world and because deep deep down, some days I feel like I'm 6 years old and just want to curl up with him and go to sleep.

Tess no longer eats things I love. I think he'll be safe sitting on my bedside table while I'm at work. At least I hope so. We'll find out.


  1. I love this post. I have a rabbit named Peter I lobed when I was little. I take him out every few years just to give Jim a hug. How lovelyyou still have your special friend.
    Have wonderful day.

  2. I have a snow-white teddy bear called Mr. Chubby that my kids gave me for my birthday one year when I was feeling a bit down. I love him and cuddle with him whenever I need some comforting.


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