Monday, January 3, 2011

21-Day Challenge - I'm already behind

So, here I am wondering what to post about today. I don't do resolutions. Too much pressure and too much disappointment when, like many people, I only last a day or two and then quit. I was reading one of my favorite blogs - CrazySocks - and saw that she's doing a 21 day Get Organized Challenge. Getting and being organized is a serious challenge for me. I've always been a little disorganized. Over the past years when I slipped into depression it got worse. I've gotten into a bad borderline hoarding habit of keeping too much of everything just about everywhere. It's hard to backtrack this and clean up an already cluttered life. So, I'm going to take on this challenge. I'm already two days behind, but our first step is to announce what we're doing and then post a link/button to the challenge. So, please click below and join the world in the 21 Day Get Organized Challenge.

When I go home today, I will be starting with Day 1 - The Junk Drawer. Which one to choose from though. I think I'll start with the junk drawer in my bedroom.

I hope you'll join this challenge. Will you?

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