Thursday, January 6, 2011

39 Days Until ... Are you Ready?

Are you thinking about Valentine's Day yet?

There are only 39 days until Valentine's Day. That seems like a long ways off but it'll be here before you know it. The Christmas decorations and wrapping are barely put away and already you've got to be thinking about that day. How will you celebrate it this year? This year I think that instead of self-sabotaging myself into a depression about being single and how this is really just a Hallmark holiday anyway, I think I'll do something creative. I'm thinking of making some gifts for my friends and family. I've been searching for heart patterns on Ravelry. I've found several that I like. I certainly would like some opinions on them.

That is if anyone is listening. Are you out there? Are you getting me?

Well, anyway, here are my choices so far.


  1. Oh I too have been thinking about V-day - I picked a couple hearts to try - I think I like the first ones the best: BellaDelia Hearts. My oldest son's birthday is the day before Valentine's day, so we really don't celebrate it - just his birthday.

  2. Yes, I like the first ones the best too.

    Thanks for your tip about the round cushions for to get the inserts from.
    I found some round cushions today at a reasonable price, but, lo and behold, its just a square cushion stuffed into a round cover...



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