Friday, March 22, 2013

Are you faking it?

So, this morning I was in the process of writing a post on Facebook stating that I was irritated that I got a canned response from Senator Warner in response to a letter that I had sent him regarding the latest gun control proposal making its way through the House and the Senate. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t be mad. After all, the letter I sent him was canned. I didn’t sit down and take time to write out how I really feel about the issue. I didn’t take the time to tell him how passionate I feel about the guns, gun safety, gun control and the Second Amendment so why am I surprised that he didn’t really respond to me?

Do you write letters to your Senator or Congressman? Do you use a canned letter or do you give them your honest thoughts?

I think from now on I will give them my real thoughts. I will tell them my passion and my honest opinions.  Even if it is a poorly worded or grammatically incorrect letter, it will at least be a letter from me.  Something from my heart.

What will you do next time you write your government official?

Will you be faking it?

Friday, March 8, 2013

What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing Here?


So, I went and did it again and committed myself to a series. I’ve talked about Who I Am. The answer to that question changes almost daily but I think I’ve given you a good idea of how I’m evolving. So, now we’re onto what?

What are you doing?
I don’t know
What are your goals?
Goals? I’m supposed to be setting goals?

Lately while watching the video about the former NRA President, Sandy Froman, she talked about how she would answer the following question:

What’s a nice girl like you doing involved with guns?
I don’t know if I’ll ever stack up against Ms. Froman, but I get variations of this question often. People are just shocked when they learn that not only do I own guns, I openly carry a gun and I teach people about gun safety and I teach people how to shoot pistols.

So, what’s a nice girl like me doing involved in guns? I’m not a victim of crime. I’ve never had a stalker. I've never felt it necessary to use my gun as anything other than a tool to drain my bank account.  :-)

I fell in love with guns the first time I shot one a few years ago. Yes, guns can be dangerous when handled incorrectly. They’re tools. Something you use to get a job done.

What’s a nice girl like me doing involved in guns?
I’ve become an instructor so that I can share my love of guns and my passion for safe handling of guns with others.

I’m just beginning to get involved in politics on the local level. I want our Second Amendment rights preserved across the country not just in my state or my county. I have much to say about the Second Amendment but I’ll just say one thing for now. If we allow our Second Amendment right to be stripped or altered or infringed, what’s next? Which amendment will be slowly stripped away next?

I believe it’s important that we women stick together in our love and passion for firearms and our rights. So, I’ve also stepped up and become chapter leader of a shooting club called The Well Armed Woman. We're going to hang out and practice our skill and compete in competitions and become excellent shooters.  Somehow we are going to defend our Second Amendment Rights without being too political.

This Spring I’ll be doing something totally outside my box. I’ve applied to be a delegate at the Virginia Republican convention in May. Ack! That’s way outside my box but I’m very excited.
So, that's what a nice girl like me is going. 

In the video of Ms. Froman, she went on to ask and answer the following question:
What is the NRA doing to help us in our city?
Her answer _____________:
  • What are you doing?
  • What are you doing to help yourself?
  • What are you doing to promote gun owners/gun rights?
  • What are you doing to talk to your local elected officials about the importance of the Second Amendment?
  • What are you doing to get involved in local or national politics?
  • What are you doing to inform yourself of the issues of the day?
  • What are you doing to help tie gun owners with law enforcement?
She didn’t say “This is what I’m doing…” She wants us all to make the change ourselves. Don’t wait for the NRA or the Animal Welfare League or the organization-of-whatever-is-important to step up and make strides in your community. Step up and do them yourself.

So, here’s my question to everyone out there. What’s a nice girl/guy like you doing involved in _______?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Who Am I?

I really had to give that some thought recently.  Not because anyone asked me but because I found myself preparing to give a short "elevator pitch" for my chapter of The Well Armed Woman.  I had no idea how to give an elevator pitch on this organization, my chapter or any topic for that matter.  So, I went to my best friend - Google.  To my surprise I didn't find all that much useful information. Tons of sample 4-5 minute speaches but no outllines.  Hey, all I wanted was for someone to tell me what it is you're supposed to say in 4-5 minutes?  Was it too much to just want to be able to plaigairize someone else's outline?  Well, apparently it was.  I was on my own.  So I went with the tried and true - Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. 

How'd it go?

Well, I got nervous.  My eyes wouldn't focus on my cheat sheet and I completely went off book.

But, the ladies at the network luncheon seemed happy with my pitch and were even comfortable enough with me that they asked questions and even wanted me to reveal where I had my current handgun concealed on that particular day.

Because I want to get back in to writing my blog I think I'm going to focus on the 4Ws and an H for my next few posts so that you'll know who I am and you'll know about my latest adventure in the world.

So, Who am I?
  • 42 y.o. woman
  • Born/Raised in Pittsburgh
  • Moved to VA in 1992
  • Single Woman
  • Christian
  • Dog Owner and Lover
  • Hobbies: Crochet, reading and guns 
  • Certified NRA Range Safety Officer and Certified NRA Basic Pistol Safety Instructor
  • Member of NRA and VCDL
  • Gun Owner
  • Advocate for the 2nd Admendment
  • A total dork when it comes to politics 
  • New Chapter Leader for TWAW
  • A Well Armed Woman - in mind, body and spirit
Who are you?  Are you Well Armed?  What do you use for your Armor?


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