Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten for Tuesday - Accountability

So Today is the day that we “all” blog about the top ten things on our mind. Last week, I blogged my Top 10 goals for January. This week I was going to blog about something else, but I really can’t think of anything else, so may be I should blog about where I am on the list? This is not going to be easy ...

1.    I’ve been to the Gym once since posting this list. 
My bag with my clothes in it have been in my truck most days
but I can always come up with an excuse.   

2.    I haven’t started back to yoga yet for 2011.

3.    I do eat an apple, an orange and ½ a banana a day

4.    I do eat 1 yogurt each day

5.    Haven’t added the 1 dark veggie to my menu yet.

6.    I am walking the dogs after work each night.  I love my doggie time.

7.    Haven’t been to the track but I do keep bringing my clothes with me as if
I do intend to do this.

8.    I am testing my blood sugar at least twice daily again

9.    I’m still not sending my food logs to Robyn on a regular basis.

10.    I have started my Valentine’s Projects

Of all those things on my list, I am still not doing 1/2 of them.  Sigh..
I suppose it’s a good thing that today is only the 18th.
I read today that most people who haven’t started a new thing by the third Monday in a New Year (YESTERDAY) won’t.
So I really need to get into action if I’m going to do these things.

Blog about your ten things today then come back to me here and link up.

If you'd like to add the Ten on Tuesday image to your site,
visit CrafyLife, link up your ten things and snag the code for her image. 

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  1. Well, doing half of them is still better than doing none, so good for you! :-) Thanks for linking up!


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