Thursday, November 5, 2015

How much does THAT weigh?

Has it really been two years since I've done any diary entries?  Well, that's about to change.
I've decided to do something very major.  I am planning on doing a thru-hike of the Applachian Trail in a few short years.  Friends of mine will be free of their familial constraints (i.e. kids) then so we are going to hike the whole thing.  For those not aware the Applachian Trail is a hiking/walking trail that goes from Georgia to Maine.  It is 2100 miles.  Takes 4-6 months to complete depending on how fast/slow you walk and whether you take any breaks in between.

I don't have kids, but I do have a job, car, apartment, bills, etc. that keep me pretty tied down and grounded.  My goal is to train an do some 1 week section hikes over the next few years and save $$.  Save lots of $$.  I will need to have enough saved that I can afford to let my apartment go for 6 months and pay someone to care for my furr-babies (cats) while I am away.  That won't be cheap. Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll have a significant other in my life who can store my things and care for them while I'm gone.  That's not the focus. Can't depend on a guy to be in my life and committed and invested enough so we aren't factoring that in at all.

So, back to the plan....

I never thought I'd be looking at things and considering how much items weigh.  That weighs how much??? I never thought I'd look at something that weighs 2lbs. 10oz and actually consider it may be too heavy.  Who knew that one day 2lbs would be considred heavy.  LOL!

It's just so funny to me how our perspectives have changed.

Some key pieces of advice I've been given and I've read when it comes to weight
 * Every lb on your feet (shoes, boots, etc.) equals 5lbs on your back - OUCH!
* Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain - OUCH

So, off I go searching the Internet for more items and carefully looking at how much each items weighs and whether I want to carry that or whether I can afford to buy it.

Who knew hiking would be so expensive? 


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