Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Inspiration

How is your Valentine’s Day plans coming? Are you feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the media? It just bugs me that the media spends so much time focusing on this holiday. Are we really in special relationships just because a BF or DH buys us jewelry at Jared’s or Kay Jewelers? Is your relationship insignificant just because your BF or DH does not celebrate the day along with Hallmark, Jared’s or Kay Jewelers?

I’m doing a One Little Word study this year. This is my second year doing the study. There are several churches around the country doing this type of study. One church has been doing the One Word Study for five years. The idea is that you pick a word and you study what the world thinks the word means and you study what the Bible says about the word.

So, why am I telling you this? Last year my word was Transform. My scripture:
Do not conform to the trappings of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind – Romans 12:2

I adjusted the scripture a little. The Bible does not use the word trappings but I really think that often the world traps us. Like with Valentine’s Day. We’re made to feel inadequate because we don’t have a BF or a DH or if we have a BF or a DH he’s not good enough because he isn’t buying us flashy expensive things.

So, my advice to you: Do not conform to this world and get bogged down and stressed out about Valentine’s Day. Do something for someone else. Take the focus off yourself and onto something or someone else. Go help out at a women’s shelter or soup kitchen. Make valentine’s for your friends. There are so many easy inspirational ideas on the Internet. Here are just a few Valentine’s Inspirations that are easy to make.

Crocheted Valentines - cute ways to send your friends a valentine card. These remind me of the ones we used to make and pass out in first grade.
Valentine Pins – make one of her tiny hearts, buy craft pins, glue them to the back and distribute accordingly OR make several stitch them together an stuff with cotton filling to make sachets.
Valentine Hearts - these foam hearts would make great decorations.
Gift Tags - a nice accessory for your gift or just a cute item to give away to a friend.
Heart Pins - make a few small ones, add craft pins and distribute to friends.
Sweet Heart Garland - these make great hearts for garland, bunting or pot holders.
Granny Hearts - these make great hearts for garland, bunting or coasters. Who can be sad when you have your morning coffee sitting on a heart coaster?

So, go now, there’s plenty of time to whip up any of the above ideas and share them with people around you. Transform yourself for this holiday and don’t let it suck you in.
This year my word is Trust. My scripture:
In God I will Trust. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? Psalm 56:11
(I’ll be blogging more about this in a few days)


  1. A very lovely blog today. I am not very hyped about Valentine's Day. Simply telling those you love how important they are to you is enough for me. Have a wonderul day and sorry about the Steelers.

  2. Thanks for this post, Kat. Valentine's Day has become yet another huge commercial venture of the world telling us what we should do and how we should be. Great reminder of what "love" can really mean.


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