Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February is Over

It's over?
But it's only the 22nd?

Yeah, well as far as the Ravelry 2011 Crochet-Along is concerned, February is over.  We were challenged to create these three squares.

6" = Brighter Daze by MG's Design
12" = Pineapple Blossom by April Moreland at the Dishcloth Diaries
12" filler = Grandma's Heart by a lovely lady named Carola.  I'm not sure, but I think the pattern is only available on Ravelry (free to join)

These were all really fun to make and in their own way challenging.  

My first attempt was with the Pineapple Blossom.  

The lighting wasn't great for the photos. 
I actually had a combination of inside light and outside light going on.  The sunshine was peaking in but not enough to give me full light so I had to turn on the overhead lamp. 
Pretty.  Right?  I really liked this pattern.
I'm making an afghan for my mom and I'm going to use this pattern as one of the 2 that I will use.

Second attempt was with the 6-inch square - Brighter Daze 
It was a little complicated to understand at first, but once I got a hang of the pattern,
it was a breeze.

The last attempt was the Grandma's Heart Square.  The pattern for this square looked really complicated at first.  It was written using UK instructions.  No offense to any of my followers who may be int he UK, but your stitch names/counts are weird.  Not a major deal but for instance, they call a double crochet a treble crochet and yet it's the same method.  (odd) ... but I digress....

Thankfully, this pattern also came with a crochet chart.  So, even though you UK folks call your stitches by different names the chart symbols are the same.  Ahhhh... So, here are the two squares I made.

Aren't they all so pretty?  As you can see, I chose appropriate colors for February - red, pink and white.  I think the combination of colors came out very nicely.  

Here is a shot of the squares laying together.

These squares will all eventually be combined with my January squares and all future squares for this Corchet-Along. 

March squares will be shades of green in honor of St. Patty's Day. 


  1. You did a wonderful job with the February squares, Kat. I love your use of the Valentine's colors, too. You are very prolific. I am making my afghan for this CAL for my little grandson and am only making 12,12 inch squares. Looks like you may have enough squares to make several afghans.

  2. How lovely! They are all so beautiful, the heart ones are def my fav..but love them all! great job :)

  3. I really like these Kat. Are they all going into one blanket? I can't wait to see the green ones coming up in March.
    Have a great day,


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