Monday, February 14, 2011

Say it with Chocolate and Strawberries

Thinking of buying the one you love some chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines (or any special day).
Pop over to Mango & Tomato and make some yourself.
The recipe and procedure is easy.
It'll save you money and last
Nothing says love like something you make yourself.

So, don't buy the gift, make them for your Love.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers!!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day... hope your day is wonderful.

  3. Hi there Kat!
    I´m so glad to see you´ve signed up to be one of my latest Followers! My hopes are for you to feel very welcomed!
    Also, fun to hear that you found out something about Picasso that you didn´t know of before.
    Actually I wasn´t sure either what the Blue period was really all about(before making this particular post) I just knew his work sometimes were referred to his 'Blue period':)!
    Wish you a great day!

  4. I´m back after have read your comment at the Blogstress Network(Thank you!),asking me to give you some pointers!
    You will have 50 Follwers in no time(you already have 11!)I´m sure. Stay positive and put yourself out there! Look for other blogs to follow, sign up, leave comments. You have a big talent when it comes to crochet! Reach out to others that share your interest, let them know you exist!
    Also you have 2 dogs that you love, same thing there...share your passions in life and you will attract to you new readers!
    Keep up the good work and put positive energy into the whole blogging thing and it´ll start to grow!
    Myself also ever now and then try to see if there are improvements on my blog that can be done, that´ll make it look more interesting. Maby some new pics on the sides that I feel passionate about at this time! A little change here and there to make it feel updated and fresh!
    Good luck to you!
    All my Love

  5. Kat, I couldn't agree more. A gift made out by hand and with love says so much more.

    x Charlotta (your latest follower)

  6. We love handmade gifts. And blog comments ... thanks for yours. Tina gave you some great advice, above, and I hope you also learned some things from the interview. We plan to start posting advice on the very topics you brought up--improving your blog, gaining a following--over at The Blogstress Network, because it's something all of us bloggers wonder about. Hope you'll join us on our mission to make the blogging world a smaller and happier place.

  7. p.s. Have you joined The Blogstress Network by liking us on Facebook or Following on the website? If you Follow on the website, make sure your profile links to your blog so that we can add you to our Blogroll.
    Hugs & kisses!


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