Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Goodness

I decided this year to create some crafts Christmas. One of my favorite craft bloggers Attic24 posted some Christmas Baubles on her site that I couldn't resist making. I stuck to her pattern without too many variations. I think my only variations is in the hanging loop and how I stitched on my beads. Below are my photos. I'm really pleased with these. I'll be giving them to my 2 bosses and my office manager as Christmas gifts.

The bottons on this one are recycled from an old blouse. They're really pretty buttons but I'm not sure they come through on the photo.

I forgot to take front/back photos of this ornament. The front button is pink. The back button is red. No reason. Just didn't have two matching red buttons.

On this one I cheated. I used Gorilla Super Glue to glue the beads. The reason? I didn't have a needle that would fit into the beads so I could sew them onto the ornament.

Here's a front photo of all three ornaments. The pink blanket background isn't very flattering.

This is the back of the ornaments.

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