Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brrrr ... Is it Winter already?

My company moved into a new office building. It's newer, prettier and has better electrical and A/C system than the old building. In the new building I get my own office. I don't have to share my office space with another employee. If our company grows, I may need to share the space but I think that'll be a long while off. The bad part? It's really cold. I mean really cold in our offices. I have a clock on my desk that has a thermometer in it. The temperature fluctuates between 67-F and 70-F.  When it's 80 or so degrees outside that's pretty darned cold.  I thought about burning a fire in my office but I don't think my boss or building management would appreciate that very much.  ~:-)

So, I've been thinking about ways to keep warm. I think tomorrow I may wear one of my hats to the office. I'm trying to decide which one to wear. What do you think?

Everyone thinks the bobble on this hat is a pin.  It's actually a Christmas ornament that I sewed onto the hat once I had finished it. 
I like this hat but it is a little snug.  Plus I think it would squish my hairdo and I'd have really bad hat-head all day.  Also the pom pom on it has gotten smooshed and I can't get it to fluff back up.  I tried washing and drying the hat but it hasn't popped back yet.  May be I'll make bigger pom poms next time.
The hat is more comfortable.  I tried to take a pic so you can see the flower pattern but I couldn't get the angle just right.  I crocheted this three small flowers and then sewed them onto the hat.
Here's a close up of the flowers I took for one of my other blog entries.  They're pretty cute.  I think I'm going to use brighter colors next time.

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