Saturday, September 4, 2010

1 Step Closer

So, I did it. I finally sold my BMW. I took it down to Carmax ( and got it appraised a week ago. It wasn’t a bad estimate at all. The appraisal came in a little below my note but still a good offer. So, I got a cashier’s check from the bank and went back today. Part of me is sad that I got rid of it and part of me is glad about it. I’m sad because it was a pretty car and a nice ride. I’m glad because the debt and the maintenance cost are too much for my budget. I’m working towards being debt free. I’ve been making double payments on my car note and another debt. That just takes so much out of my budget. So, the really great thing about this whole step is that I am now 1 debt closer to being debt free. It’s very exciting.

Here are some photos of my beloved BMW.

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