Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Pom Hat

I’ve been a busy bee this weekend.  I made three hats this weekend.  The first two you can see by reading my past two blog entries.  This one is the latest in granny square hats.  I used the granny square idea that I got from Laughing Goldfish Designs pattern.  This time I used a combo of variegated orange and white/cream yarns.  I’m still having a problem figuring out how to adjust the size for adult heads.  I’ve followed Goldfish’s pattern for the number of rows and expansions and either my gauge is smaller than hers or Aussie heads are smaller than my American head (just kidding J).

When this hat was finished I decided that it too needed some embellishment.  I found a pom pom maker as I was looking for beads this weekend.  I don’t know where I bought it but it’s these three sets of plastic circles.  You put the circles together and wrap yarn all the way around the circle.  You can put as much or as little yarn around each circle. 

Once you have it wrapped all around you cut the yarn on the outer loops.  And wrap a piece of yarn or piece of string around the center you just cut out.  Tie it VERY tightly and then rub it all between your hands to fluffy it up. And Viola you end up with a pom pom. 

So for this hat I made three small pom poms and then I did a combo knot/sew job to affix them to the hat.  Of course, now they just look like 1 pom pom so I probably should’ve just made a big pom pom in the first place, but Oh, Well…  Whatya gonna do? Right?

So, here’s the finished product.

I think I need to learn how to crochet a brim.  I think these hats would look cute with a turned up brim.


  1. if you need the hat to come out a little larger... try using a slightly larger hook... maybe go up one or two sizes

  2. The next hat I'm making I'm going to use one of my bigger hats. For the three I did this weekend, I just guessed that the width was too small and increased the DC and the number of spaces in the last few rows. Just wish I could predict in advance if/when I'd need to do that. Practice practice practice, I suppose.


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