Saturday, June 5, 2010

I can't wait for winter to come.

My latest project

I must be crazy.  My AC compressor stopped working 4 days ago.  It was hotter in my house than it was outside.  This week was a hot week.  It was between 85-90 each day.  It was at least 88 degrees in the house.  All this leads me to trying to explain WHY I chose this latest project.  Well, I don’t know.  I follow a blog called Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs.  I believe the woman who writes this blog is in Australia.  She creates the best stuff by crocheting or knitting.  She knits with recycled VCR tape, plastic bags, cloth straps.   She has some of the greatest ideas.  She posted an article in April with a project called the Shabby Hat.  I don’t know why she called it shabby.  I thought it was pretty cool looking.  So I decided a few days ago, in the midst of sweating away the pounds I decided it was time to pull out her pattern instructions and give it a shot.  I didn’t understand all her instructions for the first round but I improvised and was able to make it work.  Below are the photos of my finished product.  It’s my Pink Camo Hat.  I almost can’t wait until winter comes so that I can wear this baby.

Front side of the hat with simple flower embellishments.

I've never done any embellishments before but I was inspired by Laughing Goldfish woman.
So I made these small simple flowers.

This is the back side of the hat.

A couple of shots of me wearing my new hat.

I really like this hat.  I'm going to make several more versions of it and see what kind of variations I can me.  
Thank you Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs for inspiring me.  

Man I can't wait for winter to come.


  1. ooohhhh... I love your pink camo hat, and it looks fabulous on... no wonder you can't wait for the cool weather

    I love how these hats work up so quickly!

    thanks for linking to my blog

    sharon xx

  2. Kathleen, these hats are gorgeous! I especially love the one with the circle pin. (This is Linda...none of the 'select profile' choices meant anything to me.)


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