Sunday, March 7, 2010

You’ll be seeing less of me

So, I committed the other day to blogging daily. Well, that was dumb. I don’t have something to say daily. But here we go....

The only thing I can think to post is a success that I noticed recently. I need to post and journal about even the small things in life because as my therapist has pointed out to me on more than one occasion. Even small successes are successes. They are not to be judged by their size. These two are actually kinda big though.

Today I wore to church a slightly wrinkled pale blue blouse. My iron and I aren't good friends. I bought the blouse last fall. September I think. When it arrived, it didn't fit. It was too tight across the boobs and shoulders. One of those shirts where the buttons end up spreading open so you can see the bra of being worn underneath. Sigh.... I really liked it and was bummed when it didn't fit back in September. This weekend when I slipped it on it fit. Comfortably.

I had lunch this weekend at The Silver Diner with a friend. I noticed a few months ago that squeezing into their booths was getting difficult. Difficult? Hah! Downright uncomfortable. Once I was squeezed in so tight I could hardly breath. This weekend? I fit into the booth quite comfortably.

I haven't weighed myself the last few times I've been to the gym so I'm not sure where I am pound-wise, but I'm really glad at the progress I have seen lately.

So, apparently my commitment (finally) to my meal plan and exercise is working.

So, very soon you will all be seeing much less of me. ;)

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