Friday, March 22, 2013

Are you faking it?

So, this morning I was in the process of writing a post on Facebook stating that I was irritated that I got a canned response from Senator Warner in response to a letter that I had sent him regarding the latest gun control proposal making its way through the House and the Senate. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t be mad. After all, the letter I sent him was canned. I didn’t sit down and take time to write out how I really feel about the issue. I didn’t take the time to tell him how passionate I feel about the guns, gun safety, gun control and the Second Amendment so why am I surprised that he didn’t really respond to me?

Do you write letters to your Senator or Congressman? Do you use a canned letter or do you give them your honest thoughts?

I think from now on I will give them my real thoughts. I will tell them my passion and my honest opinions.  Even if it is a poorly worded or grammatically incorrect letter, it will at least be a letter from me.  Something from my heart.

What will you do next time you write your government official?

Will you be faking it?


  1. From my time working with politicans they have an 'unwritten' rule / hierarchy when it comes to consituent communication.

    They believe 1 call = 100 voters.
    Rank of importance:
    1 In person visit
    2 Phone call
    3 Hand written letter
    4 email

  2. I have done both. Think all my reps are pretty clear about where my opinion lies.

  3. THe only time I have ever written to my congressman was when I needed help with a DC tax issue. They actually called me and helped me resolve the issue. But it was specific, and not related to a bill or law or change to one of those..


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