Sunday, January 6, 2013

Basic Pistol Firearm Safety Training

I am an NRA certified basic pistol safety and shooting instructor.

I am offering monthly concealed carry / firearm safety courses.  The purpose of the course is to teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using or handling a pistol safely.   The first class is this month - January 26.  Please let me know if you’d like to attend.  

Classroom portion will be conducted at the VFW Post in Lorton, VA. Live fire training will be conducted at a range less than 1 mile from the classroom.

WHEN: Saturday January 26 @ 9am

DURATION: 6 hours (5 hr class room; 1 hr shooting range) 

COST: $100 (%50 deposit required by Monday January 21)

The cost of the course includes - student class kit/materials, NRA certificate of completion, eye/ear protection, & targets, light snacks and water. Students should bring 50-100 rounds of .22 or 9mm ammunition.  You will learn the basic skills knowledge and attitude necessary to own and use a pistol safely. Students who already own firearms are encouraged to bring your firearms to class. Guns will be on hand for demonstration and for the live fire portion for anyone who does not own a firearm. 

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION:  The certificate earned during this course is the certificate needed for your application for a Concealed Handgun Permit in VA and MD.  It is also the certificate you need if you are registering your purchase of a firearm in DC.

NO LIVE AMMO PERMITTED IN THE CLASSROOM. Please leave your ammo in your vehicles when arriving to class.  

CLASS SIZE: This class will be limited to 6-8 students

ADDRESS: Lorton,VA - exact address will be provided once you have registered and paid %50 deposit

Not in Lorton, VA?  That's OK.  Contact me.  If I can't come to you, I'll help you find an instructor in your area.  

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