Thursday, October 7, 2010

My first Official Jog-Walk

I just did my first official jog/walk today during my lunchtime break.

I my legs felt very fatigued last night so I did not do the jog/walk interval I talked about in my previous post.

So, today at lunch I did my very first C25K Jog/Walk Interval. I'm very excited and proud to report that I ran 1.31 miles in 26:21 minutes. According to my Nike+ app on my phone that calculates as a 19.58 mile pace.

Two days ago I did the same distance in 30:14 minutes. My pace that day was a solide 21 min mile.

Just be doing short jogs I was able to increase by pace by 1.5 minutes. Wow!  That's seems like a big increase.

Today was a beautiful day for it too. I went back to Lake Accotink Park. It's a really pretty area to walk.

The temperature was grand. About 70F and sunny out. I forgot to take my before/after blood sugar to see the differences. I'm curious to see what kind of difference there is.

At points during the run, I felt like my calves were on fire. I can only take about 30 minutes during lunch so I doubt I'll go much further in distance during my lunchtime runs, but I'm looking forward to tracking my progress as I get better and better at jogging.

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