Sunday, August 29, 2010

The next project

So, you all know by now how much I love reading Laughing Purple Goldfish’s blog. She’s so creative I just love trying to copy her ideas. Well a LOoOoONG time ago, she blogged about an afghan she was going to work on. It was this beautiful ripple patterned afghan that she of course added her own flare to it. Well, I decided this weekend I would try my hand at a ripple pattern.  I grabbed a skein that is supposed to be saving for another afghan project I'm working on (so many projects so little time) and started downloading different patterns.  I ended up using a pattern for a baby ripple pattern  I tried several other patterns but the instructions were hard for me to comprehend.  So, I have no idea what colors I will use but the photos below are some early shots of what I've started with.  The first few rows are actually called Bon Bon Print.  Cute right?  I'm going to use it, some white yarn and whatever other colors I have.  I have lots of different skeins just waiting to be used.  So, here are my beginning photos.

Ripple Afghan
ripple pattern

Ripple afghan
close up of the DC stitch

Ripple afghan 1
More ripple action

One of these days I'm going to pick a more appropriate place to take my photos.  The colors look so awful.  Either that or I'm going to have to start using my digital camera instead of my iPhone to take the photos. 

I will post more pictures as this project progresses.

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