Saturday, August 28, 2010

My latest project

My latest project.  So, I finally finished up an afghan throw I had been working on (will post more on that later this week) and wanted something to do.  I couldn’t think of anything so I went with some old faithful patterns.  I had a pattern for a dishcloth that’s supposed to look like a denim jean pocket.  I made it using thicker yarn than suggested and I didn’t use blue yarn.  I didn’t have any so I used gold yarn and then used some leftover variegated yarn for the pattern and border. 
 I probably shouldn’t have taken the pictures on my bright pink blanket.  The colors look a little bizarre.  Here is another shot.

It doesn’t really look like a jean pocket but I think that’s actually because my gauge when crocheting is kind of tight.  I don’t know why.  I don’t intentionally hold the hook, yarn or the pattern tightly but everything I do seems to turn out smaller than what the patterns suggest.  

Coco decided she like the yarn and tried to get in on the photoshoot.
The next two I made have a variety of names if you look for them on the internet.  I’ve seen them called backward/forward potholder, origami potholder, diagonal potholder.  I used my gold yarn again and made another using a pretty variegated yarn.  It’s easier to tell with the combo colored yarn but one side looks like the pattern goes from left-to-right and the other side looks like it goes top-to-bottom.  Actually it’s made by basically just going round and round and round until the potholder folds in onto itself.  I like them both.  

front side
back side

I tried to get a close up of the stitch pattern I used.  I just used a basic single-stitch going left-to-right up the seam and then right-to-left down the seam so it looks like an X-stitch. 

Here are some photos of the gold one. It's hard to tell the pattern with a single colored yarn.  I think I like making this type of potholder with a combo-type yarn. 

This is my favorite pattern for this two-sided potholder -- Double Diagonal Hotpad
This is the link to the jean dishcloth by Lily Sugar-n-Cream -- Jean Dishcloth Pattern

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