Friday, June 29, 2012

Wild, AWOL, Lost & Found

I've been 42 for 5 days. Businesses plan their years based on the govt calendar (Oct 1 - Sept 30). Some people plan their years based on their additional calendar (Jan - Dec). I plan mine based on my birthday. June 24 - June 24.  

Two years ago I decided I wanted to do something on my bucket list. I wanted to shoot a gun. I joined a women's club ( and learned to shoot.  Two years later and I'm a pretty good shot and have gotten my certification as a Range Safety Officer and an NRA Instructor. In July I plan to teach my first class. I'm very excited.  That's a long way to come in two years. I hope my next item doesn't take me as long.

Saying you want to do something because you always wanted too seems somewhat circular, but its as common as any other.~ quote from "AWOL on the Appalachian Trail"

I love reading books about people who have climbed mountains and trails. I recently read "Wild: From LostTo Founf". She hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (1100 miles) alone.  The book isn't written well and she makes tons of mistakes but dammit it inspired me. I hate Cheryl Strayed. I hate that her book and mistakes have me thinking of doing something that feels crazy.

I want to go hiking.

I want to do a long-distance hike. Not one that takes three or six months to finish but may be out a few days. 

I've done short day hikes but it's been 10 or more years. That was 100 pounds ago. I've slept in sleepy dives but I've never done something like this.

I don't even know how to hike or camp for real.  

I've signed up for a backpacking class and will probably take a camping class. My nephew said that's lame. He's right. Who takes a class on camping? He says you just buy you tent and head out one weekend. Ack! 

So, here's my bucket list for the next birthday year:
I want to hike a short stretch on the A.T. 
I want to go car camping. 
I want to hike & camp
I want to hike some place that has a beautiful view. 

I'll be blogging about this over the next year. We'll see where I end up a year from now.

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